Vacuum Oil Purifier for transformer insulating oil, refrigerant oil,ALSO hot line oil purifier,refrigerant charging machine. Electric Power Apparatus

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About Us

In 1950, SANMI CORPORATION(Formal SANMI KOGYO) established as manufacturer of mainly special granular activated alumina which is used for reclamation of transformer oil.
Since 1953, we have been continuing consistent exertion and study as a specialist for oil and gas treatment plant.
We have especially devoted ourselves to the development of oil purifier and gas treatment plant which contribute to the expansion of Japan Electric Power Industry and refrigerant industry.

Company name


Date of Establishment:1950(AS SANMI KOGYO)
Capital :JPY48000000
Bank Information:Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ,Mizuho Bank


Head Office & Factory<<Head Office & Factory>>
Tokyo, Japan Zip146-0092

Director Board

Director President Tamaru Takenori

Our Business

Specialist of oil and gas treatment manufacturer in Japan.Beside, we also produce Refrigerant oil vacuum oil purifier, Refrigerant Charging machine,Oil charging Machine,Coil Forming Machine .
We also represent Japan Transformer oil(JOMO),Vacuum Pump, Moisture Titrator and other products
We manufacture High Vacuum Oil Purifier,'ALSO' Hot line oil purifier, Oil filter for transformer insulating oil,power cable oil,turbine lubricating oil and new refrigeration oil. Turbine lube conditioning oil purifier for turbine lubricating oil. Vacuum pump set, dissolved gas analyzer, dry air generator, SF6gas transfer unit, envirnmental friendly breather to satisfy customer need.