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Refrigerant Charging Machine
Refrigerant Charging Machine


This refrigerant charging unit consists of a booster pump,mass flow-meter, control board and a charging gun.It is designed to fill the works continuously with refrigerant that is supplied in the form of pressurized liquid.


  • ApplicableRefrigerant:R22,R134a,R404a,R407c,R410a ,R600a, R32,CO2 etc.
  • Compact than the Cylinder type which requires only little space on the production line
  • No hydraulic oil used in this machine, simple structure and free maintenance
  • The Desired Chargie quantity can be easily select from 20preset switch on the touch screen. Automatic preset selection can be done through the barcode reader. Setting and correction can be performed through 10keys.
  • Charge the refrigerant by only push the start switch on the charging gun.
Power supply: AC200,210,220,380,415V 50/60Hz
Vacuum exhaust speed: 300L/min


Refrigerant System
  • Measuring: Mass Flow Type
  • Charging range:20-9999g
  • Charging Speed and accuracy and other options: on request