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Riveting machines

Features of the Servo Riveting Machine KOKI-2700 Series

  • Numeric control and control program
  • Automatic saving function(Traceability measures)
  • Pressure control function
  • Equipped with an auto riveting function
  • Pass/Fail Judgment
  • Easy system upgrades and customization
  • Graph display function (optional)
  • External communication function (optional)
  • Space saving, silent and energy saving
Servo Riveting Machine

Servo Riveting Machine

Pneumatic Riveting Machine KOKI-5600 Series

  • Extensive track record!
  • Easy system upgrades and customization
  • Quick and fast riveting increases productivity
  • No oil leakage and low installation costs
  • Full lineup of options
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise level