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Ball Screws (Made In Japan)

・High Precision and High Reliability
・Shorter Delivery Time and Lower Price
・Longer Life and Higher Transmission Efficiency

KBall Screws

Ball Screws Product class

The screw shaft and nut made of specially treated material are heat treated. Grinding by excellent equipment is made in the factory kept at a specified temperature. The ball screws are manufactured through a consistent flow of processes from material and assembly to inspection to provide high precision and high reliability.

Special Screws

Special Screws

Accuracy grades of Precision ball screws
Accuracy grade C5
Accuracy grade Ct7
Accuracy grade C3
Outer diameter size:4-32mm 

Accuracy grades of Rolled ball scrwews
Accuracy C7~C10
Outer diameter size:8-25mm 

*To confirm more specification , please download it via“Dowload”.