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'ALSO' Type Hot Line Oil Purifier
'ALSO' Hot Line Oil Purifier Model:LRS-210DH

'ALSO' Hot Line Oil Purifier

'ALSO' Hot Line Oil Purifier is used to filter impurities in the insulating oil occurring from incomplete combustion during switching operation of the on-load tap changing transformer, the on-load voltage regulator and the oil circuit breaker, etc.
Cycle filtration is carried out to remove the large volume of suspending carbon, copper and other metal colloid particles which are in a hot line condition.
Since 1958, we have been continuously engaged in manufacturing many kinds of "SANMI" hot line oil purifiers to meet versatile needs of customers and with over 36 years of experience, we have been supplying 19,500units in total quantity as of up to date
in 1999 and winning high reputation in Japan and foreign countries. We are now continuously supplying our hot line oil purifiers over than 600 units per year.

Capacity: 10L/min
Applicable oil type: Insulating oil

Special Features
  • Oil purification is available under hot line condition
  • No air bubble can be produced by circulating of the oil in the tap changer
  • "ALSO" absorbs moisture and organic acids to increase dielectric strength of the oil.
  • "ALSO" allows the filter element to eliminate colloid impurities
  • High accuracy filtration under low pressure by special filter element allows the purifier to remove the suspended carbon in the oil.
  • High removal capacity of carbon ensures continuous operation over one year at one time replacement of the filter element. Because of the low price of the filter element, the replacement cost is very low
  • This equipment is designed and manufactured to be free from oil leakage
Optional Specification

In addition, we also produce Low noise type (less than 50phone), space heater and hot line oil purifier for electric furnace transformer as option.