Vacuum Oil Purifier for transformer insulating oil, refrigerant oil,ALSO hot line oil purifier,refrigerant charging machine. Electric Power Apparatus Manufacturer Sanmi Corporation

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SCF Turbine Oil Purifier
Applicable Oil Type: Turbine Lubricating Oil
SCF-10 Turbine Oil Purifier  (Coalescer Type)

SCF-10 Turbine Oil Purifier
(Coalescer Type)

This equipment efficiently removes moisture and solid impurities from turbine oil,
compressor oil,pressure oil,lamp oil, fuel oil, etc., by means of a coalescer element made of special glass wool.
This equipment is composed of a filter tank which contains coalescer and filter elements,high quality pump motor,heater,etc.,and they are compactly assembled on a trolley.
It is manufactured firmly with refined apperance and so as to fit for a long year use.
Before Treatment After Treatment Remarks
Moisture content 10,000ppm 300ppm 3 pass treatment
Solid Impurities 10μm以下 3 pass treatment
SCF-10 SCF-20 SCF-50 SCF-100 SCF-200
Capacity/min 10 20 50 100 200